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A New Pastor!

Hey All,

This is the beginning of the next leg of the journey New Life Chapel is on. On January 24th, New Life Chapel voted in a new Senior Pastor, Robert Hudson (me). My first Sunday serving New Life will be on January 31st, and I am looking forward to seeing what God is going to do. My prayer is that God burns in our hearts, a desire to reach the lost, to reach out to the community, and help everyone find their place of service.

This is going to be a grand adventure filled with ups and downs, but the best part of all is that we will do everything in Jesus name.

To the New Life family, I want to thank you for inviting me to join your family!

To everyone else, please come join us and discover what God can do in your life!

Blessings to All,



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  1. Welcome Robert 😉

    We all welcome you to our little family. We are a silly bunch, but always loving, caring, and thoughtful of God’s presense in our lives.

    I know I mentioned this to you at the dinner, however, as a refresher, the main duties of pastor of this church is:
    laugh, pray, preach, laugh, vacucm dead flies out of window sills, laugh, pray some more, try not to get hurt (Stac is somewhat clumsy), oh and did I mention that a sense of humor helps. Anyway, relax and enjoy the church. Welcome again, Ang

    Comment by Angela Joy Braun | January 30, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks Ang!

      We are really enjoying ourselves so far, everyone has been very nice. I am really looking forward to what God has in store for New Life and how He will use each of us. It is going to be a wild ride!


      Comment by roberthnlc | January 31, 2010 | Reply

  2. Hello New Lifers and all others…

    Sunday School is a new challenge. Why you might ask? Because the 3 kids in attendance are preachers kids. Having been the niece of a preacher and the sister of a preacher, if there is one thing I know, preacher’s kids know Bible stories, hense the challenge. How does one keep kids interested in something they already know? After all, you know the first thing out of a kid’s mouth when they know something is always, “I already know that”, right? So, I thought, well lets work in a craft with a discussion on their prospective of a Bible story. This seemed to work very well Sunday morning. We started with God creating the earth and with grated up crayons and waxpaper; each child created their own earth and shared how they felt about how their earth looked to them when they were done. And then how God must have felt when He was done creating our earth.

    We all create our own little earth, or rather our own little world. In a sense, this blog is a little world that has been created for members of New Life Chapel to come together and share with one another. But to tell ya the truth, I come over here and all I hear is an echo. Now Pastor Robert tells me that there has been 100 hits to the blog, and yet I’m the only one running my mouth. Yo! Folks! I know you better than that. I cannot think of a one of you that are shy. If you were to drop by my house, open the door and not come in for a cup of coffee at the kitchen table and sit and talk a bit, I would be hurt. Well, it’s the same thing here. If you come by and not at least say HI, well, it’s kinda hard to hold a conversation folks. If you feel awkward about giving a testimony in church, give it here. If you have a question about the Bible, salvation, or how you fit in God’s plan, ask it here.

    The first time I met Paster Robert, I asked him if I could call him Richard, he told me his name was Robert. Ok, aside from his aversion to not wanting to change his name for me, I believe he’s a rather likable person. Get to know him a little better through blogging.

    Now, if you would hang with me a moment longer I want to mention something about what I know personally about men of God. Think back to the Bible of 3 key players…Moses, David, and Peter; not perfect men. And yet, God loved them so very much. Peter, denied Christ 3 times, and yet Christ made him the cornerstone of His church. Peter always struck me as kind of a clutz (reminds you a little bit of someone else we know whose 1st name starts off with s-t-a-c). David was a man of war, a man’s man. And yes, he broke several of God’s commandments. God loved him so very much that he blessed his lineage with the birth of Jesus. And then there was Moses…he messed up a time or two himself. I am so awe-struck that God and Moses had such a loving and intimate relationship that God came down to the mountain Himself to bury Moses. The beauty in that God did that for Moses takes my breath away. So why did these imperfect men mean so much to God? Because they loved Him fully, with all their hearts, without question. Did they sin? Yep. But they didn’t sluff it off as ‘oh well, I screwed up’. They loved God so much that they grieved when they disappointed Him. Their hearts ached with conviction, their eyes filled with tears of saddness because they had saddened their God. Why do I mention this here? Because I believe we have two such men leading our church. They are not perfect. They may make mistakes from time to time. However, they love their God. They love Him with passion and conviction. We need to support them both. Your world needs to include them both. So the next time you drop by here, say Hi, how ya doing?

    With Love, Ang

    Comment by Angela Joy Braun | February 8, 2010 | Reply

  3. Wow, Ang That was definately a very nice blessing to us. Especially about my kids. But I forewarn you my kids will probably tell you “I already know that” even if they dont. LOL. They only think they. Dont stress about it to much because they love learning. Maybe you should get them to start learning the names off all the books of the Bible?? That would challenge them. As thier mother I can guarantee that they dont know that 🙂

    I speak for myself as well as Robert when I say that we are loving everyone at New Life. We have been welcomed with open arms, hearts, and minds. I know I for one am having a blast.

    Blessings to all,

    Comment by Alexis | February 8, 2010 | Reply

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