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My Prayer Request

Hey All,

If you caught my prayer request this weekend, I was going to the Dr. to check out my ear. I have noticed a difference in hearing for a while and it started ringing a few weeks back.

Well I went to the Dr, and he did a quick check and then check the ear drum pressure and all looked good. He then sent me over for a hearing test. Basically I have a moderate to severe hearing loss in my left ear, and a very mild loss in my right ear. The ringing may just be a draw of bad luck, but I will be going for an MRI on the 17th to check out the nerve itself.

I know God will use this according to His will, as He always does. While I am a little discouraged to have to deal with this, I am looking forward to the upside. I can’t wait to see how God will turn this new obstacle into something that will glorify Him!

Please pray as I adjust to this change and that the ringing will go away! That is the hardest part of all!




February 9, 2010 - Posted by | Prayer Request

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