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Update on Robert’s Medical Journey

Hey All,

This week is a week of waiting. Last week we found out that I have Acoustic Neuroma (AN). This is a tumor growing between the nerves that control hearing, facial function, and balance. For me this is on the left side of the head and has significantly impacted my hearing in my left ear. I do have some very mild symptoms in addition to the hearing loss, but nothing that would have caused me to see the Dr. on their own.

For most people this is found when the tumor is 2-4MM, mine is 23 MMs in size. Not uncommon, just that more than 50% of people diagnosed with AN have smaller tumors.

For the past week Alexis and I have been doing a LOT of research. Some of it is scary, but some of it is reassuring. Mostly we know that God is in control no matter what.

There are 5 treatment options available for AN. 3 are micro-surgery of the brain and 2 are different radiation programs. Each option has its own set of risks and benefits. Each surgery has side effects from facial paralysis, total loss of hearing on effected side, and balance issues. Not to mention the risk of serious headaches. It seems people make it back to work in 2-8 weeks. Radiation has its own sets of risks, but less risk of the surgery side effects. Plus radiation does not remove the tumor but will hopefully kill it. Those with radiation have a higher recurrence rate and a small chance that the tumor will become very aggressive.

On March 12th we are meeting with one of the specialist surgeons at the University of Michigan Hospital. There are 2 surgeons at the hospital that work on ANs and both are highly qualified. The hospital is also rated as one of the top hospitals in the country. medically we are in good hands. Most people in MI love U of M hospital and will only go there. There are other hospitals in the country that treat ANs but we will only talk to them if we are not comfortable with what the Dr has to say. Plus having to travel for the surgery adds a whole other list of challenges.

I know that God is with me on this journey and that He will take care of me. I believe He works through Drs just as much if not more often than outright miracles. Still praying for one of those. As much as I find myself worrying about life after surgery, I have a sense of peace that can only be explained by God presence. He is bigger than this cross I am bearing right now!

It is interesting that this came about right as I am beginning a Sermon series on Faith in Action. This is a different direction than I was heading with the messages, but it is still a chance for me to live my faith for all to see. Hopefully those outside of church will see how God is working in my life, and it will be worth more than any words I could say. My prayer is that God uses this to touch as many people as possible.

I do have two sets of good news. First I had my annual review this last week and received rave reviews for my plant manager, and other managers at corporate. It shows that when we follow God and do what He wants us to do, He will bless us. Second, I am in my final week of my MBA. At this point in time I have a final to take on Saturday and a two page paper on our group project. It has been a good learning experience, but I am thankful that I am done.

Please continue to pray for me and my family as we walk through this. We are relying on God to get us through!

Remember 2nd Corinthians 5:7 “We live by faith, not by sight”

May God Bless each of you this week!



March 3, 2010 - Posted by | Prayer Request, Ramblings

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