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Prayer request from Nepal

We just received the following from a co-worker in Nepal.  Would you join in praying for this encounter?

 When you are heading to bed (around 10?), your coming Sunday evening; it will be our Monday morning and we should be arriving in a village here.  Here’s what is what’s happening in this village.

 There is a girl who is a new believer living in the village.  Several years ago, this girl’s grandfather got sick and was partially paralyzed.  They said he went to the doctors, but nothing could be done.  And after quite some time, he was tired of living, and felt he was no use to anyone, so he committed suicide.  Sometime after that, the girl’s mother said that one day “she felt like she got slapped in the face”, but there was nobody around.  That night, the mother had a dream that she had been slapped in the face by her father, the man who had been paralyzed.  A few days after that, this mother became paralyzed like her father was.

 This mother also has gone to all the doctors and village prie.sts, but nobody has been able to help them.  The mother has run out of options.  She told her daughter, the new believer, that she wants to ask J to heal her.  She has told her friends this, and the whole village is now watching to see what happens.  So we are going out there Monday morning.  I would ask that you start praying for a miracle now to happen in this lady’s life.  Before you go to sleep would you pray for us as we arrive and start to meet with this family and the other people in this village. 

 This village has an old castle where one of the old kings used to live before Nepal became a unified nation.  This old castle in the village has been turned into one of the largest temples for one of the Hindu gods.  They have a high priest and several other prie.sts living in the village. 

 Whether this is a physical need or the work of evil spirits, I would ask you to start praying now for this trip.  More than any kind of physical healing, this family and the rest of the village need a spiritual healing and come to know the ONE TRUE GOD.  Pray for this, but God loves us and cares for our physical needs also, and there is definitely something affecting this lady’s physical body, that she needs intervention from the ONE TRUE GOD.

 So this is my pra.yer request for this week.  We will let you know what happens when we return.  We pray that God’s name is glorified in this village, where HIS NAME was never spoken, but only false Hindu gods names were spoken.  Pray that the One True God’s name will be exalted and He will receive all Glory!!


July 11, 2010 - Posted by | Prayer Request

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